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Our state of health is directly correlated with what is going on in our minds and with the emotions we attach to. Vibrational flower essences are a classical plant medicine and capture a part of healing which we sometimes forget - the emotional body.

This subtle plant medicine assists in balancing the energy from within, to clear emotional blocks which stop us from connecting with our true selves. They allow us to react with clarity, and become present and aligned within our bodies in order to gain clarity around the feelings and thoughts associated with what we are experiencing (overwhelm, unworthiness, depression, anxiety).

We are constantly battling the feelings of not being enough, constantly struggling to do it all, excel in work, look after the family, be a loving and present partner, maintain a social life, exercise, drink enough water, text people back, stay sane, be happy - yet all we need to is release the inner battle, release the need to be enough, release the emotional blockages and everything else will fall into place.


*Includes a 15-minute phone or video consultation for prescribing, supporting information and personalised flower essence. Please include contact details in your order and I will be in touch to ask a few questions or email me directly at