As I change, my work will also.

Naturopathic Care

Naturopathy is a system of healthcare that weaves together traditional plant based medicine with the most recent scientific evidence. As a Naturopath, I view the body as an interconnected system and I concentrate on treating the whole person, not just one condition in isolation. Naturopathy is non-invasive and allows for us to heal and manage a myriad of concerns you may be experiencing. Offering a range of 1:1 packages there are many beautiful ways I can support you naturally. 

Yoga Medicine & Mediation

As a Yoga Teacher I specialise in bespoke yoga and meditation classes for those who are looking to set a regular practice and bring mindfulness into their every day. Classically trained in Rajadhiraja Yoga and Meditation, classes are thoughtfully curated, with a great emphasis on Pratyahara (turning inward), Pranayama (breath control), Yoga Philosophy, well aligned Asana (yoga poses); this practice will awaken and move prana (energy) throughout the body. Nirmala Online is an offering for those interested in bringing wellbeing into their everyday through yoga, meditation and self love practice. Auckland based, I offer private 1:1 or group sessions, online yoga classes, corporate yoga and public yoga classes. 

Personalised Herbal & Natural Support

Herbal Medicine {Botanical Medicine} is the oldest form of medicine known to humankind. The natural world is filled with healing plants and herbs that can help you stay healthy and embrace a sustainable, natural approach to your wellbeing. My clinic is home to a herbal dispensary and your herbal formulas can be replenished as regularly as required at no extra charge. I also offer acute herbal tinctures and flower remedies formulated from a 20-minute consultation.  


What others have said 

“I can easily say going to see Nik all those weeks ago has changed my life. Over the course of our 8 weeks together she was able to help me put sustainable lifestyle changes in place that have helped me tremendously with both my mental and physical health. I no longer struggle daily with low energy levels or anxiety. Instead, I am well rested, filled with energy, and ready to take on life one step at a time without fear of the future. I could not recommend her enough! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Nik!” - Emma, 2018

“Nik and Nirmala Wellbeing has been a fantastic contributor to our workplace culture over the last few years. Nik brings an amazing energy to the office that allows everyone to unwind and destress. Her practice adapts to whatever audience she has seamlessly. Thanks Nik for making our workplace awesome!” - Andy, Country Manager, Uber Eats New Zealand 

"Nik is an incredible yoga instructor with a gift for helping her students unlock the many benefits of yoga. She's adept at understanding her students' needs and brings her signature style of kindness, warmth, humour and depth to each class, coupled with extensive yogic knowledge. If you're in need of a beautiful transformative yoga practise which will change your life, Nirmala Wellbeing should be your go-to." - Amanda, 2020

"Nik is such a lovely spirit, who really cares for your health concerns and your desire to make changes. I received amazing care from her through one of her amazing packages of support - the best value for money on my health and wellbeing that I have ever received. And if you’re still unsure, try at least her herbal tinctures. She makes them with your needs in mind, with love and intention. I have learnt to take my herbs mindfully and with good intentions daily, as a little self-care reminder. Such a simple practice like this is something she’s given me and has really enhanced my wellbeing. I recommend Nik to anyone who is in dire need of some health and wellbeing self-care, and really want to prioritise this in their lives." - Natalie, 2018

"Over the last few years I've attended many classes in person and more recently online. Nik conducts her classes with the highest level of professionalism, and ensures all participants feel at ease regardless of their level. I have loved both flow and Yin classes - Nik creates effective and variable sequences every time. Thank you for always delivering your lessons in a genuine and caring manner." - Amanda, 2020