Maternity Leave


Nik has a wonderful philosophy when it comes to health and wellness. Everything she does is individually tailored just to suit you and your lifestyle. I love attending her yoga classes as she creates a space of pure relaxation and caters for everyone in the class. I’d highly recommend her Saturday class as it sets you up for a great weekend.

Anna, 2019

Nik is a truly gifted naturopath and yoga instructor. She genuinely cares about her client's well being and health. I've loved working with her in both areas on my journey to wellness, and would highly recommend her services to those seeking a compassionate, caring practitioner.

Liz, 2020

Nik is highly professional and always has her students interest in mind. She is attentive and adapts her classes to any of her students’ level. Her passion for yoga and wellbeing shines through in her classes and her positive outlook on life! Attending one of her classes is like going to a mini-retreat and one of the highlights of my busy week.

Eric, 2019

Nik helped me back on my feet after a long spiral of physical and mental health challenges. The way she walked with me through the process of learning with kindness, inquisition and knowledge comforted me that I was in safe and caring hands. Nik has inspired me to take a new perspective on my health and wellbeing, and her beautifully taught yoga classes have helped ground give me space in my everyday life. I will be forever grateful to Nik for how she has helped, encouraged and inspired me to be the best that I can be.

Sophie, 2019

I’d always held onto that youthful naivety that my health was bullet-proof regardless of how I looked after myself. It wasn’t until that first lingering question mark over my thyroid that I had a dose of reality. It was a problem the doctors couldn’t solve, so I sought an alternative. Not only did Nik manage to get on top of this issue for me she really opened my eyes to the fact that I needed to take care of myself, look after my body and my whole being.

Kim, 2019

So much has changed in my headspace over these six weeks, it makes me emotional just thinking about it. My energy levels, moods, skin brightness and inflammation are getting better every day, and I’m trying hard to focus on that each time I meditate. It’s been quite a journey. I know my body and mind are healing, and I’m really excited to know I have the right tools now to support them with a holistic approach. You have truly helped me more than I could’ve hoped for, and for that, I am forever grateful. So thank you!

Kristyn, 2018

I have loved seeing Nik at her naturopathy clinic for tailored care as well as going to her beautiful yoga classes which have such a safe energy to them. I have recommended her to so many of my friends!

Emma, 2019

Nik has become an ongoing source of wisdom for me, helping me to stop and think about making time for myself, assisting with stress management and fertility. I will be forever grateful for the part Nik plays in my life and I could not recommend her highly enough.

Kim, 2019

Nikola’s approach to health and wellness is holistic and totally achievable for anyone starting out in their wellness journey. I highly recommend Nirmala Wellbeing as your first step to living your best life.

Chloe, 2019